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7 Methods that INTJ women can be Different in terms of Dating pt.2

7 Methods that INTJ women can be Different in terms of Dating pt.2

4. We need to be mentally stimulated to be actually aroused

Many people focus in on real attractiveness and status that is social appraising somebody, not the INTJ. Quite the contrary — we worry more about intelligence and drive and the ones would be the traits which can be many physically arousing for all of us — and a lot of other folks think is weird (part note: some guy could be a shitty dude, but if he’s an smart shitty dude, oddly sufficient we’ll still find him attractive).

INTJ females don't have a lot of persistence for those who they see as shallow and generally talking, we additionally hate dating games and “rules” (regardless of if we’ve learned all about dating rules and socially appropriate behavior that is dating we still think those guidelines are stupid). Intelligence and intellectual connection are a major turn-on, and needed to help us to be physically aroused (simple as that).

5. We have been direct within our interaction with you — and then we expect the exact same in exchange

To an INTJ girl, hearing the phrase “I didn’t wish to hurt your emotions” is definitely an insult — perhaps not an indication of respect for the emotions. Everything that people do is deliberate, especially when it comes down to keeping relationships.

We do fulfill on our commitments when it comes to keeping up with our end of the bargain while we don’t need never-ending coddling or attention.

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