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9 Reliable Fire Starters to own in Any Survival Situation

9 Reliable Fire Starters to own in Any Survival Situation

There are methods to start out a fire that don’t include rubbing sticks or lighter fluid.

Last Updated January 2018: We’ve updated our help guide to the fire starters that are best you can aquire and included brand new picks and insights. Costs and links have also updated.

Editor’s Selection: Exotac NanoStriker XL

Editor’s preference: This XL is a somewhat bigger form of Exotac’s initial NanoStriker. With a marginally thicker ferrocerium and magnesium pole, and a more substantial tungsten carbide striking tool, the XL is a lot easier to put on and may create a hotter spark. The compact tool fits on a keychain and will effortlessly be screwed apart after which reassembled to the fire beginner. When screwed together, it is additionally entirely waterproof.

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Based on Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus offered fire to mankind after stealing it from Mount Olympus. Whenever Zeus discovered, the thief ended up being chained to a rock, where an eagle could feast on their liver every day, for the remainder of eternity.

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