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Just how to link your Smart TV to a Wi-Fi system

Just how to link your Smart TV to a Wi-Fi system

Take note: The info on these pages is actually for brand New Zealand items just. Sequences or settings vary according to location and/or in which the item was in fact bought. To be rerouted to your regional help web page please click here.

Once you've put up your Smart TV, now you have to get in touch it to Wi-Fi. If your television is linked, it is possible to stream videos or download the television apps and luxuriate in them while you would in your phone, just on a larger display screen. For connecting to a Wi-Fi, proceed with the guidelines below.

Make certain you have actually the cordless router's SSID (name) and password settings before trying for connecting.

Then select Done if prompted, enter the network password, and. Your television happens to be attached to the Web. Choose okay.

The menu road to access the system Settings on your own television might differ:

Take note: Some TVs (especially 2018 model TVs) only support networks that are 2.4Ghz.

To alter the password for the WiFi, please look at your router's individual manual.

To get in touch your television up to a mobile hotspot, you need to turn this on very first.

When your television cannot hook up to your community or apps:

  • Make fully sure your television includes a connection that is internetSettings > General > Network > system reputation).
  • Contact your online sites provider.

If for example the network connection that is wireless fails

  • Ensure your wireless modem or router is on and attached to the Web.

If the cordless system sign sign in is too poor:

  • Position your cordless router, modem router, or access point in a location that is central.

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